Our Story

Hi there! We are so excited you’ve made it to our virtual craft show! We are three teenage sisters who were probably born in the wrong decade. We love vintage, and we try to live up to the legacy left to us by our Great Great Grandma Grace. She was a woman of determined resourcefulness (which was necessary raising a large family during the Great Depression) and amazing artistic abilities. Grace did so much with so little and she did it in style.

Even though we aren’t living in times as hard as the 1920s and 30s, 2020 definitely tested our abilities to be creative and find solutions. You are currently witnessing our effort to find a solution to pay for our way to attend camp. The normal venues for fundraising aren’t really available to us right now. On top of that, the normal camp we would attend has had to minimize the experience they normally offer out of necessity to accommodate the current restrictions.

We understand why these changes are in place, but with this being the first year of camp for our sister we decided to take matters into our own hands.

Our solution

The Camp

We have planned a weeklong high adventure to Maine with skill-building activities, hikes to take advantage of the beautiful coast of Acadia National Park, and devotionals to help feed the soul and build a stronger bond as sisters. We have created a menu for us to prepare during camp, and we have developed a budget for travel and activity supplies. This exercise in leadership has been a bit eye-opening as we realize just how much it costs to put together a summer camp experience.

The Fundraising

In order to raise the money to take us to camp, we have taken the many crafting supplies given to us by friends and family over the years and created items of function and style. We have harnessed our passion for upcycling and have given a second life and purpose to items that still had great potential. We have learned new skills, and we have refined old talents to create items specifically for the purpose of earning money for camp. We hope the things we have created will be appealing and useful to you as items to gift to friends and family, to decorate your home or to bring a little smile to your day.

Our Goal

Our goal is to earn $1500 in time to go to camp in the middle of July. This will pay for the gas, campsite, food, and a modest budget for skill building and activity supplies. Starting Memorial Day weekend, we will put new items in our shop for you to explore and hopefully purchase. Rather than dealing with shipping, we hope to reduce the cost to everyone by opting to have local pickup/delivery with two locations in Clio and two locations in Saginaw. If local pickup/delivery simply isn’t an option for you please let us know and we can plan together how to ship your items to you.

We will place new items in our shop weekly as we finish more projects. If you have a particular item you would like crafted please contact us to discuss those specific details.

Thank you for helping us to be successful with our goals!